Our world values beauty. And fame, even fortune too, typically follows if you’re one of the lucky batch. It’s one of those blessings that nobody would say “No thanks!” to! Yet, if we pause and ask ourselves what is the purpose of it all, the answer just might surprise you (if you’re honest at least)! 

Is it for self gain? Or pageant response: “world peace”? Or something else: (fill in the blank)…

Tracy-TrinitaFeaturing Indonesia’s first-ever supermodel Ms Tracy Trinita. Our first episode of “Be The Message” seeks to give you one view through Tracy’s sharing on how God has led her to discover her beauty, lived a life of glamour and fortune, walked away from it all, and ultimately found a ministry that leverages her experience and influence to inspire many. 

Tracy’s story is truly unique. Tune in for her sharing plus some upbeat music from Jamie Grace and Tobymac, and more! 


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