All you movie junkies out there must know this famous quote from Spider-man: ​With great power​,​ comes great responsibility​. How true I say!

I always believe that much wisdom is needed to navigate through life responsibly. And I absolutely admire people who are doing it not just for themselves, but on behalf of others as well.

Stephen Lam​Having worked in the public sector for over 30 years, Mr ​Stephen Lam​ (林瑞麟)​, H​ong Kong​’s former chief secretary​, is no stranger to ​folks living in the city. We’re privileged to sit down with him for a chat on some of the life-changing decisions he has made-to-date. ​I think you’ll find it refreshing and interesting that Stephen never set out to be a popular leader. But most certainly, being prayerfully responsible and accountable to God was always top on his agenda.

This episode ​​feature​s​ music from Stacie Orrico and Jason Castro.​ Enjoy and tell us what you think!